Thank You, Mia!

Prompt: glue | Word Count: 180 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

June 1, 2020

The Keep Writing Challenge has been salvation during this time of trials. We’re far flung and fortunate to have found this sacred space and its unstinting leader, Mia. We’ve held each other’s words in our hands, giving support and guidance through these long months. All thanks to you, Mia, and the wonderful community of writers you have created.

On the site and on social media, we’ve each risen to each prompt as best we could. We’ve written, revised, and bettered our craft. Now, we’ll have Artists in Lockdown to show for our work, plus over 13,000 new arrows in our story quivers. We started in March with our “orchid” missives and these minuscule challenges have ended up being the “glue” for so many of us. Friendships and mentors forged online. It’s said that in 21 days you make a habit, so I’m afraid, dear Mia, you’re stuck with us now. We won’t give you up.

The touchstone with all of you has kept my sanity intact. Weary though we may be, we weathered this together. I will be forever grateful.

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