The Big Alone

Prompt: Frida | Word Count: 150 words exactly | Genre: fiction

March 29, 2020

6:52. Frida looks out her front window. The sun rises over the pines, rosy and ripe. Showtime.

7:38. The paper lands on the porch. Guess it’s essential, she thinks.

8:42. Bob walks his old pooch down the block to the empty lot.

9:10. Elsa pushes a stroller by, pink clad feet kicking up into the air.

10:56. Maria drives past in her yellow VW bug, waving.

Noon. Frida sips soup, gazing at Kelvin the cat as he strides by.

2:37. Amazon delivers her box. Inside, a puzzle for tonight.

3:22. Mike slips down the alley, unaware he’s observed. Smoking’s bad, Frida tsk-tsk.

4:42. Maria’s yellow bug returns, no wave this time. What’s wrong?

5:33. Clouds gather, wind whips. Daffodils bend.

6:16. More soup. Empty sidewalks stare back at Frida.

7:33. The last rays disappear into another night alone

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