Witness Kindness

Prompt: The Most Beautiful | Word Count: 250 words exactly | Genre: fiction

March 31, 2020

The most beautiful thing in these crazy times can be found in the way human ingenuity manifests in the small ways. Everywhere, as city after city locks down, communities — local and virtual — rise to the occasion.


Arvid, a neighborhood teen works his way down the block, dropping off supplies for his elderly neighbors.

Karen leads a zoom yoga class with all her regulars.

Henry posts on facebook, offering his tax preparation services for free to healthcare workers.

Helen phones in an order of thirty pizzas to be delivered to workers slogging through the pandemic at her local hospital, at no cost to them.

Selena uses her new found time to finally build and plant the garden boxes she’s always wanted. This Summer she’ll finally have enough squash, beans and lettuces to donate to the local food bank.

Myron records himself playing the trombone. His audition tape lands him a coveted spot in the local orchestra.

Susan reads classic novels and uploads the recordings for seniors to listen to at a nearby home.

Justin, home from college, mows the grass for his neighbors. His brother, Cyril, plants spring bulbs along the sidewalk. The blooms brighten up the whole street.

Tracy runs zoom computer support services, troubleshooting for people struggling to use technology they’re using for the first time.

Orin tutors students for their online Spanish class. They all improve and stay Spanish pals, meeting weekly to keep their skills sharp.

These acts of local beauty restore faith in one another.

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