Ah! Spring!

Prompt: Trees | Word Count: 150 words exactly | Genre: fiction

April 3, 2020

It’s Spring outside. I know this by the trees. They’re in full blossom, and their gentle scent perfumes the warm breeze. Even in lockdown I’m permitted to walk the dog or work in my garden. After I do these things, breaking only a brief sweat, I decide a nap is in order. I set up the hammock and sit with my foot dangling over the side, pushing off the ground with my toe to swing to and fro. The pale pink cherry petals flutter down, blanketing the lawn in lacy finery. Overhead, the white blooms of the dogwood filter the sunshine to a dappled light. I drift off, enjoying the largess of time in these uncertain times. I’m grateful for this carefree moment, an artifact of a simpler life under springtime’s pleasantly blue sky. Finding joy in this peace before returning to the hectic, harried existence in the world beyond.

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