Captain My Captain

Prompt: foundation | Word Count: 200 words exactly | Genre: fiction

April 5, 2020

The foundation of military command and control is rigid chain of command that tolerates no dissent outside established channels. We all knew it, and we all expected that our country and our superiors would make the best decisions. We do our duty to country and expect that, in return, humane decisions will be made on our behalf.

We man a very key nuclear aircraft carrier, but it is peacetime. When two soldiers returned from shore, they brought the virus with them. It spread like wildfire in the 5,000 man vessel. We didn’t know what to do. Into the chasm of leadership stepped the humanity of our Captain. On our behalf, he broke protocol and pled with his superiors to allow the ship’s crew to be slimmed to the bare essentials to save lives on board, our lives.

Yet, he was disregarded. We were to be sacrificed. Why? Then he lost his job, for doing his job, to my way of thinking. He was looking out for his unit, protecting his men. Now he is a quarantined victim of the very virus he sought to protect us from. He’s been discharged for his humanity. He will always have our greatest esteem.

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