Springtime’s Bounty

Prompt: Spring | Word Count: 250 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

April 10, 2020

“Ok Sloths, up and at ‘em. The rain is gone and the sun is finally out. Time to go see how all you hard work paid off.”

Reluctantly, the kids rallied, lured by the specter of sunshine. They’d worked hard last Fall to plant their gardens. Now it was time to see what bounty nature had in store.

First up was Peter’s garden under the apple tree. He’d been captivated by grape hyacinths and had planted hundreds beneath the tree. Now, the tree full of delicate white blossoms reigned over a sea of purple blue spires. He laughed when he saw the surprise he’d planted. Randomly placed white tulips stood sentinel above the blue. Stunning.

Next they visited Katie’s bed along the garage wall. She’d opted for edibles. The glossy green serrated leaves spread out along the floor of the garden, dotted with white flowers that would soon yield her favorite Summer treat, lusciously sweet red strawberries.

Dad’s lilac hedges were heavy with clusters of purple and white. The heat of the day warmed the blooms, scenting the air with their heavenly aroma.

Finally, Mom’s roses. They were in bud and the branches were leafing. There were weeks yet before her prize winning flowers would grace the bushes. Still the promise was evident even this early in the season.

As they all stood surveying the garden they’d worked so hard to plant, they agreed that maybe it wasn’t so bad to shelter in place after all. At least for now.

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