Sunshine on My Shoulders

Prompt: Sunshine | Word Count: 250 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

April 15, 2020

“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me Haaaappy,” Sarah belted out at the top of her lungs. “Sunshine almost always makes me High.” She giggled as she pranced around her yard using her shovel as a microphone. “Sunshine on the water looks so LOVELYYYYY.” Too bad there wasn’t any water nearby. But what evs. “If I had a wish that I could wish for you, I’d make a wish for sunshine full of style.” Or something like that. She set down her shovel and smiled at her handiwork. The alyssum border was finished. The petite white flowers edged the full length of the flower bed, and it looked gorgeous, if she did say so herself. Which was pretty much her only option these days. Talking, or singing, to herself.

She may be all on her own, but this was a definite perk to self isolation. Nobody could tell her she was off key, probably way off key. Nobody would put a damper on her good mood. She’d been in the garden all morning planting and soaking up the glorious springtime sunshine. As the sun warmed her shoulders, undoubtedly raising freckles, she’d crooned away. She was of the definite opinion that her plants liked it. She was also of the opinion that they were not the least bit critical if she got the words a little wrong or out of order. They just swayed back and forth in the breeze as if they heard the same song she heard in her head.

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