Keep Writing

Prompt: Website | Word Count: 300 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

April 18, 2020

A website can be a transformative thing. Consider one out of South Africa. Stuck at home? No problem. Need to vent? Pick up your pen. This wonderful site daily solicits writers from around the world, some fledgling some not, to write on topics released into the ether with the smallest of word counts. The website extols, “Keep writing, keep commenting, you’ll be better, we promise.”

Each day of this pandemic confinement, we’re prompted. For nearly a month, the confined, the bored, and the frustrated have risen to this website’s challenge. Some pieces are thematic. Some write excerpts from larger works. Some of us write about our lives, or our relatives, or our dreams. Some pen their nightmares. Some reflect on the pandemic, some escape reality completely. All of us, each one, hones our craft, and support each other and give thanks for this wonderful space.

It started with Orchid, quite out of the blue. Then shattered expectations, only to pitch another offer, and after that, a fifth, the ninth letter. Then we wrote about Frida, whether she be gentle or the most beautiful. From ivory towers, or elsewhere, we hope our brief narratives hit the tiny word counts, exactly, as we plow through trees and doodles looking for the foundation of a story. We offer a gift of our words, or break for a doughnut. Our honesty pours into our stories. In vintage style, we spring forth to anchor the page. Magnificent magnolias rooted elaborate, yet diminutive tales of wishbones, sunshine and Africa. Teach us it did, this website, to draft creatively, but with precision.

We’re in this together. Currently, twenty-six days, five thousand, four hundred and forty words into this keep writing adventure, we’re inspired daily to write our way through the pandemic by the’s challenge.

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