Slithering By

Prompt: canopy | Word Count: 200 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

April 20, 2020

As the wet season peters along the Amazon river, Hester and Simon sun themselves lazily in the strengthening sun. They hang looped over the branches of a large rubber tree. Last year had been disastrous. They contemplate their fate as the dry season heads their way.

“Hessssster, ththere’sss one good thing coming from the humanssss sssstaying home.”

“What issss that, Ssssimon? Lesss pollution? Lesss pillaging of our lovely rubber treessss?”

“Yesss thossse are certainly plusssesss. But I wasss thinking of sssomething elssse. Jussst look around ussss. Lasssst year human recklesssssnessss and indifference ssstarted the firesss that desssstoyed vasssst tractsss of our Amazzzzonian home. We anacondassss ssssuffered unprecedented changesss, including loss of our food ssssources and habitat lossss.”

“Yesss, Sssimon. You ssspeak the honesssst truthth.”

“Look above ussss now, Hessssster. The canopy above isss leafing. The Amazzzzon is regenerating all around ussss. Assss thossse leavesss flourisssh, the canopy ssso esssssential to our rainforessst isss rebuilding. Ssssoon we will regain our ssshade.”

“It’sss ssso lovely. I think we won’t ssssee the tourissstsss thisss year. No noissssy boatsss. No carelessss trassssh in our lovely riverssss. Ssswimming issss ssso much more pleasssant now. The water issss ssso clear, though, that it makesss hunting challenging.”

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