Day 54

Prompt: Fifty-Four | Word Count: 120 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

April 23, 2020

Fifty-four days into the lockdown, folks had settled into new routines. After nearly two months, their initial optimism for a rapid return to “normal” had given way. Now, they hoped only that leaders chart a path through the pandemic that would leave them standing, if not wholly unscathed. The public was unaware as the day began that Day 54 would change everything.

The day dawned bright, rain clouds nowhere in sight. By noon, they’d gathered ominously overhead. Small planes winged through the atmosphere seeding clouds with a new retardant derived from orchids. As it filtered to earth, the wind picked up, dispersing particles to work their magic, neutering the viral plague. Life resumed, with lessons learned and change afoot.

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