A Musical Comeback

Prompt: Sly | Word Count: 150 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

April 26, 2020

For over a month, she’d been buttoned down tight against the sly menace that was waging war on the world. Piqued and bored, she decided took action.

She stepped out onto her balcony, and set up a stool. As the sun began to set, she pulled her bow across the strings of her cello releasing the first rolling notes of Bach’s iconic Cello Suite No. 1. Curious her neighbors emerged from their self-isolation cocoons, humming along with the familiar, haunting cry of her instrument.

The next evening she opened her sliding door to the sound of her neighbor in the next building, paused from public theatrical performances, belting out the famous aria from Verdi’s Aida. Two nights later, the familiar strains of the opening from Hamilton was performed by housemates in a flat across the street. In this sly way musical performance made a comeback all down her block.

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