Platinum Treatment

Prompt: Platinum | Word Count: 120 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

April 29, 2020

“Candace, while I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it, you’re fortunate. We’ve discontinued most nonessential treatments to deal with the influx of Covid patients. We’re delaying new platinum chemotherapy treatments until we’re over the peak with the virus.”

“Does that mean I have to discontinue my platinum chemo treatments and start all over?”

“Actually because you are mid-course, you can continue. As I said, you’re fortunate. Some other hospitals have had to stop treatments midway for their patients.”

“Ok. Then what has changed?”

“Only the where. Given the high risk due to your suppressed immune system, we’ll need to come to you to administer the chemo.”

“At least with lockdown, only the nurse will see my hair fall out.”

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