Snippets in Purple

Prompt: Purple | Word Count: 120 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 1, 2020

Still isolated, we look for beauty in small things. Today, noticing purple:

Hyacinths and hydrangeas blooming under sunlit skies

Plump grapes glistening with rinse water

A child’s metallic violet bike abandoned beside the sidewalk

Purple-gloved hands, administering care

The WiFi signal promising connection to others

Iris and lilacs scenting the warming breeze

A paint-tipped brush rendering pansies on canvas

Blinking Twitch logo on my son’s mobile

A daughter’s ombré hairstyle, nails to match

The hoax of an ultraviolet cure, gone viral

States wavering between political beliefs once unshakeable

Looming mountains reflected in the deep evening sky

Purple-stained lips from drinking more wine

Lavender bath salts calming the day away

The leading edge of another night in quarantine

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