A Prayer for Change

Prompt: calibrate | Word Count: 150 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 3, 2020

Remember when peace, love and kindness were virtues? When divisiveness was folly?

Envision existence where we recreate the world we want.

Come friends, it’s time for us all to traverse the contours of the global plane of interconnected life.

And take a journey to a reality, where we are aware of and support one another.

Let us use this moment of isolation to join together to beat this, our common menace.

It’s time! Let our best humanity flourish in common cause, for the common good.

Be brave! Step boldly into a new life. Dare yourself to change.

Radically alter long-held prejudice to stifle ignorance,

Assumptions jettisoned in service of science and knowledge.

Truth must triumph—a renewed mandate that will show us how best to recalibrate life together.

Enjoy each other and savor the simple things with the unstinting gratitude that cherishes every life as the wonder it is.

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