Princess in confinement

Prompt: Contrary | Word Count: 150 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 15, 2020

Buttercup whirled into to the room at top speed and volume, “Contrary to what you may believe, the world absolutely does not revolve around you!” She hurled her accusation. She didn’t like being cooped up like this.

Clearly something had gotten under her skin. But tempting as it was, Westley didn’t ratchet up to meet her. She continued, “its your responsibility to see to the milking. You can’t simply do when you please. Bessie’s waiting.”

As always, he responded, “As you wish,” to both mollify her and point out her error. He knew this was really just the quarantine talking.

Buttercup stopped as she was about to continue her tirade. Pausing briefly, then her shoulders slumped and she plopped into the chair. “I’m sorry Westley. That was uncalled for. All this togetherness is getting on my nerves, especially since with no end in sight. Please ignore me.”

“As you wish.”

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