Communal Living

Prompt: font | Word Count: 150 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 26, 2020

For some, the trial of communal living was especially difficult during the corona virus lockdown. In flats and apartments shared by those splitting rent, but not otherwise connected through blood or friendship, the sudden impoundment wasn’t just irksome, it was dangerous. They were in each other’s pocket day and night, sharing kitchens, bathrooms, and TV remotes. Nobody signed up for that! Different temperaments and tolerances created a hotbed of conflict. Most realized they were only as safe as their least conscientious member. So they voted on rules.

Shannon resented them and their flipping rules. So she did as she’d always done: exactly as she pleased, rules or no rules. Really, who was going to stop her? Didn’t they say that “rules were made to be broken?” Until she arrived home to find her belongings outside the door and a sign in a font too large to ignore: You’re Out Shannon!

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