Science In A Jar

Prompt: Butter | Word Count: 200 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 29, 2020

This year the science fair was virtual, since school was online,, so Irene submitted a video of her project.

“Hi! I’m Irene and I’m in 4th grade. My science fair experiment explores how to use a mason jar to churn cream into butter.” She gestured to the table, ”Here are my tools: a cup of whipping cream, a mason jar, a stopwatch and my lab book.”

She stepped into the frame and explained her objective and methodology.

She poured the milk into the jar and fastened the lid tight. “Now, comes the hard work. Starting my timer now.”

After a couple of minutes of shaking, she held up the jar. “Now I have whipped cream. But I’m not done yet.” She noted the time in her lab book and continued to shake the jar. She used time lapse video to fast forward through the ten minutes of shaking the jar.

“As you can see the liquid has separated from the butter. It took a lot of shaking, but now I can drain off the buttermilk, and voila! Butter! Thank you for watching my experiment. I’ll email my lab notes. I only wish we could share the results on pancakes. Goodbye!”

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