Shattered Illusions

Prompt: Shattered | Word Count: 150 words exactly | Genre: fiction 

March 25, 2020

All she had wanted to do was help. She’d been as careful as she knew how to be. She was sure she’d do more good than harm. Absolutely positive. People needed exercise. She kept her studio spotless. She’d thought she’d been careful enough. She washed her hands and kept her distance. Spaced the mats 6 feet apart. Disinfected often. And yet. It hadn’t been enough. Going on carefully as usual had landed her in her bed. As her fever spiked and her cough intensified, she finally realized that careful wasn’t enough. The Recommended isolation was the only answer. How many people had she infected with her careful carefree approach? She survived the illness only to watch those she most loved succumb. The trajectory was traceable. She’d failed to do what she’d most wanted. She’d made matters worse. She couldn’t fathom why she ever thought she knew better than everyone else?

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