The Pitch

Prompt: Pitch | Word Count: 200 words exactly | Genre: fiction 

March 26, 2020

Trent looked around the modern lobby of the Gates Foundation. This is my shot to save my business, he thought.

“Mr. Holt? They’re ready,” the efficient receptionist ushered Trent into a conference room.

Bill and Melinda Gates sat at the table. Holy Crap! Steeling his nerves, he nodded a six-foot greeting to his potential benefactors.

“Don’t be nervous,” offered Melinda, “We’re excited to hear your pitch.”

“Thanks. I got the idea from Elon Musk making ventilators. I manufacture costumes in Seattle with three staff who depend on their jobs. Since only essential businesses can continue, I want to turn to making medical masks, but I can’t afford to pay my folks without any revenue. My suppliers can provide materials, but I was hoping for a Foundation grant to assist with payroll, since the masks would be donated. I’ll cover the other costs. I’d need about 150K to run for two months.” 

Bill asked, “Do you have machines and space to employ additional staff?” 

“I can support seven people.”

“Okay, let’s do it. We’ll fund you at 200K per month, throughout the lockdown.”

“Thank you both!”

“Thank you, Mr. Holt for pitching in. We’re all in this together.”

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