Taste Test

Prompt: Doughnuts | Word Count: 150 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

April 7, 2020

Sheltering at home and missing cooking together with her friends for their dinner get togethers, Sadie initiated a challenge: a virtual doughnut bake off. Six of her baking buddies agreed. That Tuesday afternoon, they each poured a glass of wine and joined a zoom call to cook “together,” each working with their own recipe. They mixed and swirled the flour and sugar, the yeast and eggs. Then popped their doughnut batter in the oven or dropped them in hot sizzling oil. They mixed sugars, and frostings and glazes, all while chatting away.

When finished, they wrapped up a dozen doughnuts apiece. Sadie picked the parcels up from their front porches, and delivered them to the local senior center. The judges — a very appreciative group of over eighty-somethings — tasted and tested. In the end they were unanimous. It was a tie. There’d need to be a second round bake-off.

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