The Upside

Prompt: Honesty | Word Count: 300 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

April 8, 2020

“Let’s be honest. The situation is hard on you I’m sure, but the news is not all bad,” Kimmy said, “this is fascinating. Seismic activity has materially decreased as we all shelter in place. That means scientists can get a more accurate picture of the movements of Mother Nature.”

Her son, James, home from school and miserable because he missed his friends and the interaction of classes at school just harrumphed. His normally sunny demeanor was decidedly in the dumps.

“Ah c’mon, buddy. You were all about the environment and climate change during the run up to the primaries. Where’s that passion gone?” Kimmy was bound and determined to shake her son for his malaise.

“Just leave me be, please, Mom.”

Several hours later, Kimmy took another run at James, “the Australian forest are healing, there’s new growth everywhere.” She proffered a link to an article highlighting the renewal happening down under.


Twenty minutes later, she followed up, “James, please stop pouting. Look at this, pollution levels are down significantly all over the world. And not just air pollution, but also noise levels. It’s even impacting the oceans. The whales have noticed.” She handed over a news clipping.

“Okay, okay Mom. I get it there’s definitely an upside if you look for it. I’m just not in the mood to look I guess.”

“That’s so unlike you, honey. Honestly, you’re usually so positive.”

She waited another hour and was just about to offer another tidbit, when James came to find her, “Mom, you gotta see this, the ozone layer is actually healing. We may have another shot at fixing climate change before it’s too late.”

Kimmy smiled. That was her son! Always finding an upside. If she was honest that’s one of the things she most loved about James.

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