Pink Is For Girls

Prompt: Pink | Word Count: 300 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 10, 2020

Halloween 2019. What a Party! Costumes and craziness. Those Jell-O shots. Whoops.

Thanksgiving 2019. What are you thankful for? Well, actually Honey, I have something to tell you….

Christmas 2019. Aw, you shouldn’t have. Pink is perfect. We think it’s a girl. Here’s hoping.

New Year’s Eve 2019. No champagne. Have you heard about that virus in China?

Martin Luther King Day 2020. The doctor says we’re right on track for a Spring baby.

Ground Hog’s Day 2020. I don’t know who to believe. Do you think we should worry?

Valentine’s Day 2020. Everything’s under control. We’ve got plenty of time until the due date. I’m sure they’ll figure it out before then.

Leap Day 2020. I’m worried. Do you think we’ll be ok?

St. Patrick’s Day 2020. We’re going into lockdown now? What about the baby?

April Fool’s Day 2020. We only have a few weeks before delivery, I’m worried.

Easter 2020. I’m not sure they’re going to lift these restrictions in time. What if they don’t?

May Day 2020. This isn’t quite the baby shower we imagined, but the flowers are blooming and lovely. It was so sweet for you all to drive by with your celebration posters.

Cinco de Mayo 2020. It’s ok Mom. We’ve found a doula who comes to your home and the doc will zoom in. It’s going to be alright.

Mother’s Day 2020. She’s a little early, but the doc says we’re going to do this. Oh. My. God. I always said I wanted an epidural. Wait. Wait. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Ok, now! Push! Phew! You did it! Congratulations! It’s a girl! She’s beautiful. Best lockdown ever!

May 10, 2021. Happy Birthday, darling girl. You beat the corona baby boom by several months. Time to show these newbies how it is done!

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