Prompt: batch | Word Count: 180 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 9, 2020

The group text read: “I’ve got a line on some yeast. Who wants some?”



“Me!” And so on down the line. We all want some. Even those of us who have never baked or used yeast in our whole lives. We want it! Really, really want it. Because, you know, you can’t get it anywhere. Plus, we’re bored. So damn bored. That we’ll even try our hand at baking.

I mean it’s not like we’re crazy or anything. We’re not making our own sourdough starter from scratch. As if. Way too much attention to detail, that one. But yeast. You bet. Bring it!

Now, yeast in hand, what to make? That recipe uses a yeast cake. I have little grains. So nope. I know. Let’s go basic. I’ll make a batch of bread. How hard can it be. Folks have been baking bread forever. Bread it is. Old school. In the oven. No machines here.

Some flour. Some salt. Some water. Sugar. Oil. Mix. Knead.

A tad later …

Um …

Not sure what happened. There. Are. No. Words. None.

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