Shadow of the Mountain

Prompt: Ash | Word Count: 150 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 8, 2020

I live in the shadow of the mountain. Occasionally it is an active mountain—a volcano, in fact. I live in the ring of fire. My grandmother was fond of the aphorism, “from the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success.” So when the mountain grows hot and angry, puffing smoke and ash, there are those who would tout my grandmother’s words and never see that the disaster could be their lives in ashes, the roses left for others to claim.

Because I’m also a big believer in the saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” So you don’t stand in the shadow of an erupting volcano. And you don’t skip wearing a mask or blithely congregate with others while a virus runs rampant and expect your life will be untouched and rosy. You stand up and do the right thing for yourself, for your community, for the world.

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