Lawn Envy

Prompt: the lawn | Word Count: 150 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 17, 2020

George knew he needed a focus during the shutdown. Otherwise he’d go completely bonkers. He worked from home, grateful to have a job that he do remotely. But stir crazy’s real and he needed an outlet, so he was determined to have the most perfectly manicured lawn on the block.

It even got competitive as some of the other neighbors caught onto his plan and upped their games. “Keeping up” and such. As the days warmed and lightened, bags a grass seed were delivered along with lawn food. In the evenings the sun set to the whirring of weed whackers and the buzz of lawn mowers striping green in yard after yard throughout the neighborhood.

Watered, fed and sunned the lawn grew lush and thick as it bellied up to the neat edging along the sidewalk. Throughout the suburb, the lawns were showcase-ready all Summer long in 2020.

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