Waste Not, Want Not

Prompt: Prompted | Word Count: 200 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 18, 2020

“What prompted you to join us today,” the volunteer coordinator asked the assembled group of bleary-eyed volunteers.

A chipper young woman piped up, “We couldn’t stand by while all that food was going to waste in the fields.” Nods of agreement circulated the group.

Another volunteer added, “Especially when food banks are begging for food because they have so many more families relying on them.”

“Exactly!” The coordinator affirmed. “We couldn’t do this without all you volunteers, so thanks for coming out. I know its early but you’ll be glad for the cooler temperatures once we get going. Now, here’s the drill. The trucks arrive in ten minutes from farms all around the area. You’ll be bagging potatoes and onions today. Each person, or family group, must maintain a strict six foot distance from anyone else and wear the mask and gloves you brought at all times. The truck will unload produce to each station. Bags are stacked over here. Your job is to bag it up so that we can deliver it. Sound good?” Everyone nodded at the simple instructions.

By the end of the shift they’d bagged several tons of produce for distribution to local food banks.

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