So Much Sameness

Prompt: Tick | Word Count: 150 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 21, 2020

The clock on Jean’s desk seemed to tick more slowly these days as it counted down the working hours. In her pre-pandemic life, she’d longed for the flexibility to skip the commute and work from home. But the reality of teleworking wasn’t measuring up to her expectations.

No colleagues to chat with briefly in passing. Instead each interaction seemed oddly formalized by technology. No catch up lunches. No furtive escapes to run errands. No excuses for not attending. No missed calls. No distraction. No separation between home and work. No after work socializing. No celebrating the win. But no complaining, either. She was one of the fortunate few who could work from home.

She craved the variety of the old days. She longed for mixture of faces and places. Even the commute seemed welcome. Instead, her computer clocked time at her desk and every day seemed eerily the same.

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