And The Winner Is …

Prompt: Excellence | Word Count: 300 words exactly | Genre: flash fiction

May 22, 2020

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Zach boomed into his Zoomed computer. “Thank you for attending the Neighborhood Excellence Awards. As every week, tonight’s festivities will be hosted by … Me! We are here to recognize the extraordinary, the crafty, the considerate, and other feats of excellence by our neighbors in these uncertain days of self-isolation. This evening’s prizes we’re donated by Judith from our very own Hole In One Donut Shop.”

Lowering his voice to flat montone, Zach continued “As such I’m duty-bound to mention that they are a sponsor for this evening’s event. Also all judges decisions are final. Any complaints should be swallowed along with your pride.”

Resuming to his Master of Ceremonies voice, “Now that the boring stuff is taken care of, let’s get on with the show!”

He surveyed the Brady bunch looking assembly on the screen before him, and spotted his first winner, then studiously avoided looking at him, instead directing his gaze at the camera.

“Larry, please take a bow. You have won the prize for best neighborhood trivia night. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all enjoyed these zoomed affairs. Thank you, Larry.” Larry grinned as he bowed into his camera.

“Rhonda, you are the winner for most improved garden! I think everyone will agree that you’ve done the neighborhood proud with your gorgeous peonies!”

Rhonda smiled shyly, and said “Thanks. The pleasure was all mine”

“I’m especially pleased to announce that Adrian has won most humanitarian for his tireless efforts to bring groceries to vulnerable shut-ins. Thank you Adrian!” Adrain nodded at his screen.

“Finally, we’d like to recognize Cherie for the wonderful masks she sewed and distributed to all of us.” Cherie blushed, then smiled.

“Thank you for joining in this small show of recognition. Keep it up folks! Goodnight!

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